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How to create swap file to use as additional memory in VPS server

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    Following are list of commands to create swap file to increase memory in VPS server using disk space

  • 1. Execute below command

    if the swap file size is 4 GB (128 MB x 32)
    $ sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=128M count=32

  • 2. Update the read and write permissions for the swap file:

    $ sudo chmod 600 /swapfile

  • 3. Set up a Linux swap area:

    $ sudo mkswap /swapfile

  • 4. Make the swap file available for immediate use by adding the swap file to swap space:

    $ sudo swapon /swapfile

  • 5. Verify that the procedure was successful:

    $ sudo swapon -s

  • 6. Enable the swap file at boot time by editing the /etc/fstab file.

    Open the file in the editor:

    $ sudo vi /etc/fstab

    Add the following new line at the end of the file, save the file, and then exit:

    /swapfile swap swap defaults 0 0

  • To check if the swap is active:
    $> free -m
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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